Hand Sanitisation Stand with Touch free Dispenser includes 5L Gel



Hand Sanitisation Stand with Splash guard (950mm - 1380mm) Touch free Dispenser and 5Ltr Sanitiser included (no batteries)

Product Features:

  • Made from powder-coated Black metal
  • Splash guard secure
  • Includes double sided sign
  • Flexible Height 950mm-1380mm
  • Dispenser does not include Batts (4xC)

Promotional Offer:

 1 x touch free dispenser

 1 x stand with drip tray

 1 x 5 litre Hand sanitiser >70% Ethanol Alcohol Gel

Packing Specifications:  1x Sanitising Stand Flat pack, 1x Touch Free Dispenser (batt not incl), 1x 5Ltr Sanitiser Gel >70% Ethanol Alcohol

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