Green Drain - Bioactive Treatment



For use in Drain Traps & Grease Trap. Digests Organic build-up, Neutralises odours and is Septic Safe.  Australian Made and Owned

Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective solution that can be used to degrade a variety of fats, oils, greases and complex protein based solid and liquid wastes.
  • Eliminates the cause of the odour rather than simply masking odours.
  • Eliminates solid build ups, blockages and downstream transfer of fats, oil and grease.
  • Contains over 98 billion micro-organisms per litre (over 370 billion per gallon).
  • Produces in situ enzymes that create a synergistic effect on a range of waste components over varying conditions.
  • Effective over a wide pH range (5.0 – 9.8). Optimal performance achieved within a pH range of 6.5 – 8.5.
  • Effective over a wide temperature range (3–60°C). Optimal performance achieved within a temperature range of 15 - 32°C.
  • Effective under aerobic (oxygenated) and anaerobic (oxygen depleted) conditions however increasing oxygen levels in a system will greatly enhance the performance of GD Bio Active Treatment.
  • Non-hazardous, easy to use formula. Ready to use. Environmentally safe
  • Long shelf life – 12 months from date of manufacture. Safe to use with all metals and plastics

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